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Note: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits.
Course Start Date & Time Length Location
GCSE MathsMonday 02/09/2019tbcMablethorpe
GCSE EnglishMonday 02/09/2019tbcMablethorpe
Social Media for BusinessTuesday 03/09/20192 sessiMablethorpe
Access To Health ProfessionsFriday 06/09/201950 hourMablethorpe
GCSE Bridge - Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing (day)Monday 09/09/20192 weeksMarket Rasen QS
GCSE Bridge-Responding to Fiction and Non-Fiction TextsTuesday 10/09/20192 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Italian for Leisure and BusinessTuesday 10/09/201910 weekMarket Rasen QS
Makaton ImproversWednesday 11/09/20194 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
MakatonWednesday 11/09/20194 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Spanish - Speaking and Listening Entry 3Thursday 12/09/201912 weekMarket Rasen QS
GCSE Bridge - Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing (eve)Thursday 12/09/20192 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Spanish for Leisure and Business - BeginnersThursday 12/09/201910 weekMarket Rasen QS
Traditional Crafts for WellbeingThursday 12/09/20195 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
GCSE Bridge - Fiction and non-fiction writingThursday 12/09/20192 weeksMablethorpe
Upcycling - Projects with Fabric Friday 13/09/20195 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Access to Health Professions Level 3Wednesday 18/09/201936 weekMarket Rasen QS
Access to Humanities/Social SciencesWednesday 18/09/201936 weekMarket Rasen QS
Computing - BeginnersWednesday 18/09/20195 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Pilates - BeginnersWednesday 18/09/201910 weekMarket Rasen QS
Access to Humanities / Social SciencesThursday 19/09/201936 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Access to Health Professions Level 3Thursday 19/09/201936 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Access to Humanities/Social SciencesFriday 20/09/201936 weekMablethorpe
Access to Higher Education Diploma - Health Professions (Aim Awards)Friday 20/09/201936 weekMablethorpe
Computing for BeginnersFriday 20/09/20195 weeksMablethorpe
Counselling - IntroductionSaturday 21/09/20193 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Maths Functional Skills Level 1/L Level 2Monday 23/09/201916 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English - GCSE (day)Monday 23/09/201930 weekMarket Rasen QS
English - Functional Skills Level 1Monday 23/09/201916 weekMarket Rasen QS
Mental Health First AidMonday 23/09/20194 weeksMarket Rasen QS
OCR Engineering Principles Level 1/Level 2 *Accredited*Monday 23/09/201930 weekMablethorpe
OCR English Functional Skills Level 2 *Accredited*Monday 23/09/201916 weekMablethorpe
Mental Health First AidMonday 23/09/20194 weeksMablethorpe
GCSE Mathematics (AQA) Tuesday 24/09/201930 WeekGainsborough_BRG
GCSE English (AQA)Tuesday 24/09/201930 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Mindfulness for BeginnersTuesday 24/09/201910 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Yoga for BeginnersTuesday 24/09/201910 weekGainsborough_BRG
Maths OCR Functional Skills - Entry Levels 2/3 *Accredited*Tuesday 24/09/201916 weekMablethorpe
Starting with confidenceWednesday 25/09/20194 weeksMablethorpe
English Functional Skills Level 2Wednesday 25/09/201916 weekMarket Rasen QS
GCSE Mathematics *AQA Accredited*Wednesday 25/09/201930 weekMablethorpe
OCR Maths - Functional Skills - Level 1 & Level 2Wednesday 25/09/201916 weekMablethorpe
Maths Entry 2/Entry 3 Functional Skills (OCR Certificate)Thursday 26/09/201916 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Counselling-IntroductionThursday 26/09/20194 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
English - GCSE (eve)Thursday 26/09/201930 weekMarket Rasen QS
Maths Functional Skills Level 1/2Thursday 26/09/201916 weekMarket Rasen QS
Maths Functional Skills Entry 2/Entry 3Thursday 26/09/201916 weekMarket Rasen QS
GCSE English *Accredited*Thursday 26/09/201930 weekMablethorpe
OCR English Functional Skills Level 1 *Accredited*Thursday 26/09/201916 weekMablethorpe
GCSE Science *Accredited*Thursday 26/09/201930 weekMablethorpe
NCFE Working in Sport - Level 2 *Accredited*Thursday 26/09/201918 weekMablethorpe
Mathematics Gcse (AQA)Thursday 26/09/201930 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English E3/L1 Functional SkillsFriday 27/09/201916 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English Functional Skills L2Friday 27/09/201916 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English Literature - GCSEFriday 27/09/201930 weekMarket Rasen QS
Mathematics - GCSE Friday 27/09/201930 weekMarket Rasen QS
Mindfulness and AnxietyFriday 27/09/201910 weekMarket Rasen QS
Yoga for WellbeingFriday 27/09/201910 weekMarket Rasen QS
Mental Health First AidFriday 27/09/20194 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Food Safety - Foundation L2 AccreditedFriday 27/09/20191 dayMablethorpe
NCFE Photography Level 2 *Accredited*Monday 30/09/201918 weekMablethorpe
NCFE Photography Level 1 *Accredited*Monday 30/09/201912 weekMablethorpe
Italian for Leisure and Business-BeginnersTuesday 01/10/20195 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Digital Skills Level 1Tuesday 01/10/201916 weekMarket Rasen QS
IT for Users Level 2Tuesday 01/10/201916 weekMarket Rasen QS
Flora and FaunaTuesday 01/10/20195 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Plant AdventuresTuesday 01/10/20195 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Spanish for Leisure and BusinessTuesday 01/10/20195 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Photography L2Wednesday 02/10/201918 weekGainsborough_BRG
Food SafetyWednesday 02/10/20191 DayGainsborough_BRG
Art for MindfulnessWednesday 02/10/20196 weeksMablethorpe
Photography L1Wednesday 02/10/201912 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Plant AdventuresThursday 03/10/20195 weeksMablethorpe
Business Administration L2Thursday 03/10/201916 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Photography Level 2Thursday 03/10/201918 weekMarket Rasen QS
Photography Level 1Thursday 03/10/201912 weekMarket Rasen QS
NCFE - IT for Users Level 2 *Accredited*Thursday 03/10/201916 weekMablethorpe
Flora & FaunaThursday 03/10/20195 weeksMablethorpe
Digital Skills (ICT) Level 1Friday 04/10/201916 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Criminology L2Friday 04/10/201910 weekGainsborough_BRG
NSFE Digital Skills (ICT) Level 1 - AccreditedFriday 04/10/201916 weekMablethorpe
Food Safety Level 2Tuesday 08/10/20191 dayMarket Rasen QS
Counselling Level 2Saturday 12/10/201930 weekMarket Rasen QS
Emergency First Aid for WorkMonday 28/10/20191 DayGainsborough_BRG
Counselling L2Thursday 31/10/201930 weekGainsborough_BRG
Mental Health Awareness Level 1Monday 04/11/20196 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Emergency First Aid at Work L3Monday 04/11/20191 dayMarket Rasen QS
NCFE Mental Health Awareness Level 1*Accredited*Tuesday 05/11/20196 weeksMablethorpe
Computing - ImproversWednesday 06/11/20195 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Mental Health Awareness L1Friday 08/11/20196 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Computing for ImproversFriday 08/11/20195 weeksMablethorpe
Italian-Speaking and Listening E3Tuesday 12/11/201915 weekGainsborough_BRG
Spanish Speaking and Listening L3 Tuesday 12/11/201915 weekGainsborough_BRG
Becoming a Teaching AssistantWednesday 13/11/20195 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Health & Safety at Work Level 1 ** AccreditedFriday 15/11/20192 weeksMablethorpe
Emergency First Aid at Work *Accredited*Monday 18/11/20191 dayMablethorpe
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