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Note: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits.
Course Start Date & Time Length Location
First AidFriday 20/07/20181 dayMarket Rasen QS
Explore your iPad / Tablet Friday 14/09/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Pilates for WellbeingFriday 14/09/201810 weekMarket Rasen QS
Level 2 Maths (Functional Skills)Monday 17/09/201816 weekMablethorpe
Parenting with Confidence Monday 17/09/20185 WeeksMarket Rasen MS
Introduction to Working in the Beauty IndustryMonday 17/09/20185 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
GCSE English - Sept 18Tuesday 18/09/201832 WeekGainsborough_BRG
GCSE English Language (Day)Tuesday 18/09/201832 weekMarket Rasen QS
Level 2 English (Functional Skills)Tuesday 18/09/201816 weekMablethorpe
Maths Entry Level 3/Level 1 Tuesday 18/09/201820 weekMarket Rasen QS
GCSE Mathematics - Sept 18 (Evening)Tuesday 18/09/201832 WeekGainsborough_BRG
GCSE English Language (eve)Tuesday 18/09/201832 weekMarket Rasen QS
English Functional Skills Level 2 Tuesday 18/09/201816 weekMarket Rasen MS
Computing for Beginners Tuesday 18/09/20185 WeeksMarket Rasen QS
Traditional Lincolnshire CraftsTuesday 18/09/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health ProfessionsWednesday 19/09/201836 weekMablethorpe
Access to Higher Education Diploma: Humanities & Social SciencesWednesday 19/09/201836 weekMablethorpe
GCSE MathematicsWednesday 19/09/201832 weekMablethorpe
Level 1 Maths (Functional Skills)Wednesday 19/09/201820 weekMablethorpe
Entry Level 3 Maths (Functional Skills)Wednesday 19/09/201820 weekMablethorpe
English Entry Level3/Level1Wednesday 19/09/201820 weekMarket Rasen QS
Maths Level 2 - Functional Skills (OCR)Wednesday 19/09/201816 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Making the Most of your Garden in Autumn and WinterWednesday 19/09/20185 WeeksMarket Rasen MS
Making the Most of your Garden in Autumn and WinterWednesday 19/09/20185 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Build your confidence, manage stress and anxietyWednesday 19/09/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Access to Humanities and Social ScienceWednesday 19/09/201832 weekMarket Rasen QS
Access to Health ProfessionsWednesday 19/09/201832 weekMarket Rasen QS
GCSE MathematicsThursday 20/09/201832 weekMarket Rasen MS
GCSE EnglishThursday 20/09/201832 weekMablethorpe
Maths Functional Skills Level 2 Thursday 20/09/201816 WeekMarket Rasen QS
Entry Level 3 English (Functional Skills)Thursday 20/09/201820 weekMablethorpe
Level 1 English (Functional Skills)Thursday 20/09/201820 weekMablethorpe
Access to HE: Humanities and Social Science 18/19Thursday 20/09/201836 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Access to HE: Health Professions 18/19Thursday 20/09/201836 WeekGainsborough_BRG
GCSE Maths - Sept 18Friday 21/09/201832 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English Level 2 - Functional Skills (OCR)Friday 21/09/201816 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Build Your Confidence: Manage Stress and AnxietyFriday 21/09/20185 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
English Entry 3/ Level 1 - Stepping Stones (Ascentis)Friday 21/09/20184 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Maths Entry 3/ Level 1 - Stepping Stones (Ascentis)Friday 21/09/20184 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Basic Food Safety (CIEH)Monday 24/09/2018One dayMarket Rasen QS
Occupational Studies - Hospitality and Customer Service Level 1 (NCFE)Monday 01/10/20183 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Peer MentoringMonday 01/10/20188 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Peer MentoringMonday 01/10/20188 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Mental Health First AidMonday 01/10/20188 weeksMablethorpe
Health & Safety for EmploymentTuesday 02/10/20188 weeksMablethorpe
Business Admin Level 2Tuesday 02/10/201816 WeekMarket Rasen QS
Health and Safety for Employment Wednesday 03/10/20188 WeeksMarket Rasen QS
Health & Safety for EmploymentWednesday 03/10/20188 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Level 2 Certificate in understanding AutismWednesday 03/10/201814 weekMablethorpe
Certificate in Counselling L2Thursday 04/10/201830 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Level 2 Certificate in Business AdministrationThursday 04/10/201816 weekMablethorpe
Emergency First Aid at Work (QualSafe Level 3 Certificate)Monday 08/10/20181 dayMablethorpe
Basic Food Safety (CIEH)Monday 08/10/20181 DayGainsborough_BRG
Mental Health First AidWednesday 10/10/20188 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Paediatric First AidSaturday 13/10/20182 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
English Entry 3/Level 1 Functional SkillsThursday 18/10/201816 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Maths Entry 3/ Level 1 Functional SkillsThursday 18/10/201816 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Explore your iPad/TabletTuesday 30/10/20185 WeeksMarket Rasen QS
Makaton FoundationTuesday 30/10/20184 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Traditional Lincolnshire CraftsTuesday 30/10/20185 weeksMarket Rasen MS
Everyday InternetTuesday 30/10/20185 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Digital Photography for Improvers (Business and Leisure)Friday 02/11/20185 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Emergency First Aid (Qualsafe Level 2)Monday 05/11/2018One dayMarket Rasen QS
Digital Photography for Improvers - for business and leisureMonday 05/11/20184 weeksMablethorpe
Introduction to SafeguardingTuesday 06/11/20185 WeeksMarket Rasen QS
Everyday herbs and their benefitsTuesday 06/11/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Making the most of your garden in Autumn/WinterTuesday 06/11/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Everyday Herbs and their BenefitsWednesday 07/11/20185 WeeksMarket Rasen MS
Everyday Herbs and their BenefitsWednesday 07/11/20185 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Computing for beginnersFriday 09/11/20185 weeksMablethorpe
e-Book PublishingFriday 09/11/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Introduction to CounsellingFriday 09/11/20183 WeeksMarket Rasen QS
Mindfulness and RelaxationFriday 09/11/201810 WeekMarket Rasen QS
Yoga for WellbeingFriday 09/11/201810 weekMarket Rasen QS
Introduction to counsellingFriday 09/11/20183 weeksMablethorpe
Makaton - FoundationSaturday 10/11/20182 days Mablethorpe
Understanding Autism/Asperger'sMonday 12/11/20185 weeksMarket Rasen MS
Career NetWednesday 14/11/20187 weeksLouth
Mindfulness and resilienceWednesday 14/11/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Parenting with confidenceWednesday 14/11/20184 weeksMablethorpe
Art for relaxationThursday 15/11/20185 weeksMablethorpe
Understanding Autism/Asperger'sFriday 16/11/20185 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Emergency First Aid (Qualsafe Level 2)Monday 19/11/20181 DayGainsborough_BRG
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